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Disruptive technology value map

Value map

So how should media industry leaders go about benchmarking themselves against their peers in order to better prioritize the disruptive technologies they should be embracing or pursuing?


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Building on the data and insights from our study, we evaluated the 13 measured disruptive technologies using the following metrics: impact on operations, impact on business models and level of investment.

We then combined these three metrics into a barometer, which we call the Disruptive Technology Value Map, which can help guide media industry leaders’ investment decisions around disruptive technologies.

Establish protocols for making investment decisions: Media industry leaders must consider the best-in-class approaches for making investment decisions around disruptive technologies that will drive value for their firms. However, only some media industry executives report that they are actively engaging in these best practices today.

Business focus: Only 51 percent of media industry decision-makers report that their business and IT teams work together to co-create technology investment roadmaps. Highly successful media companies will want to adopt both practices, integrating their business and IT capabilities into a single innovation vector.

Budgeting process: Only 51 percent of media industry leaders report that their company has one or more innovation-specific budgets that can be applied to the piloting and deployment of new, disruptive technologies.

External consultants: Only 48 percent of media industry decision-makers say vendors or consultants play a key role in their technology strategies today.

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