Public Procurement

Public Procurement

Procurement has evolved into a critical partner to business functions and a source of major competitive differentiation.

Procurement has evolved into a critical partner to business functions.

In Bulgaria, the importance of the procurement function is reflected differently in business models and in government services. Businesses seek effectiveness, value for money and supply that is driving down the costs and ultimately promotes the strategic value of procurement. Public authorities, on the other hand, are anxious about formal compliance with procurement rules, thus leaving sometimes effectiveness and projected effect behind.

The Bulgarian National Strategy for Development of Procurement 2014-2020 and the accompanying Action Plan have been elaborated to meet the requirements that stem from the new EU public procurement directives, the country specific recommendations issued by the European Commission (EC) for the National Reform Programme 2014-2020 and the EC Cooperation and
verification mechanism. The strategy’s focal points are once more inspired by
the strategic goal to achieve conformity, while effective planning and management of public procurement contracts are among the key challenges ahead of the new Public Procurement Act in effect since 15 April 2016.

Our in-depth experience and thorough understanding of both local and EU legislation enable us to offer advisory assistance that will not only meet the specific needs of the contracting authorities but will also give proper consideration to the requirements of the bidders participating in awarding procedures concerning public procurement, concessions or public-private partnerships (PPPs).

Contracting Authorities 

Strengthening administrative capacity of government bodies through assistance in development and evaluation of tenders, design of internal policies and procedures, investment in innovative procurement technologies and compliance review. 

Advisory services

  • Legal opinions on the interpretation and implementation of national and EU legislation
  • Drafting of tender documentation for national/EU award procedures
  • Structuring public procurement process
  • Tender evaluation assistance
  • Project management and monitoring of procurement contracts
  • Audit of public procurement procedures
  • Design of internal public procurement policies and procedures
  • Analysis of international and EU best practices in procuremen operating models and optimisation
  • Public procurement disputes and litigation


KPMG can help bidders achieving compliance with applicable rules, strengthen the administrative capacity of all stakeholders in monitoring, reviews and introduction of best practice; invest in skills and innovative technologies in order to meet requirements and achieve an effective and efficient procurement function.

Advisory services

  • Drafting of joint-venture agreements and subcontracting agreements
  • Preparation of tender offer and formulating requests for clarifications
  • Review of public procurement contracts and assistance in contract management
  • Drafting legal opinions on the interpretation and implementation of national and EU public procurement and concessions legislation.
  • Public procurement disputes and litigation

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