How did the priorities for business and society change one year after the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic?

Part 1
KPMG Business Forum 2021

In the opening session, Kalin Hadjidimov, Managing Partner, KPMG in Bulgaria, summarizes the main topics facing businesses now and how the economic environment and society's expectations are changing.

What are the business and tax challenges posed by Brexit?

Part 2
KPMG Business Forum 2021

Ivan Vargoulev, Director, Tax, focused on the negotiations and their outcome reached with the EU – UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement and some of the trading issues that it won’t resolve. 

Stella Koycheva, Director, Tax, outlined the major direct tax tax effects from Brexit on UK investors doing business in Bulgaria. 

Covid-19's impact on the financial accounting and tax position of companies

Part 3
KPMG Business Forum 2021

Ivan Andonov, Partner, Audit, presented the most important challenges from the accounting and financial side due to COVID-19.

Stella Koycheva, Director, Tax, outlined the main transfer pricing considerations and tax treaty issues in the context of the pandemics. 

What are the effects of the new reality on the employer-employee relations?

Part 4
KPMG Business Forum 2021

Veselina Stankova, Director, Tax, presented the effects Covid had on the social and benefit policies of employers and the potential personal income tax aspects from working home office from abroad.

Emil Evtimov, Senior Manager, Legal Advisory,  shares practical insights on the remote working and electronic labour files.

How do global trends shape the regulatory landscape?

Part 5
KPMG Business Forum 2021

Kalin Hadjidimov, Managing Partner, presented unpades on DAC6 in the current dynamic environment.

Anna Ilieva - Vaklinova, Senior Manager, Advisory, how are regulations on anti-money laundering and whistleblower protection evolving and what are the key aspects to facilitate compliance.