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Data Privacy Newsletter

Data Privacy Newsletter

Data Privacy Newsletter

We are pleased to present to you the December issue of KPMG's Data Privacy Newsletter empowered by KPMG's global network of legal and data privacy professionals. The Newsletter brings regular updates about the latest developments in data protection and privacy law across the world.

As the second year end celebration with the GDPR in force looms, various jurisdictions have significant and interesting news. The national courts are getting more and more involved and the Data Protection Authorities are strengthening their efforts. The Court of Justice of the European Union has issued four significant decisions with regard to data privacy that have global impact.

We hope you will find the Newsletter useful. If you have questions about the impact of the data privacy laws on your business, we would be glad to discuss how we could assist you. We take the opportunity to thank you all and wish you very happy holidays! 

Juliana Mateeva
Partner, Legal Advisory

Siana Garbolino
Senior Manager, Legal Advisory



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