We are pleased to present you the issues of KPMG's Data Privacy Newsletter empowered by KPMG's global network of legal and data privacy professionals. The Newsletter brings regular updates about the latest developments in data protection and privacy law across the world.

We live in fast changing times in this area. Our articles seek to demonstrate the state of development of the law in various jurisdictions whilst also showing the very broad impact that data protection law has. In this edition topics include AI, screen scraping, regulatory actions and statistics, new consumer rights, political campaigning, marketing, journalism, surveillance, indebtedness, data breaches, privacy impact assessments, new obligations for employers and transparency.

If you have questions about the impact of the data privacy laws on your business, we would be glad to discuss how we could assist you. 

Juliana Mateeva
Partner, Legal Advisory


Download the current issue here:

Issue 6: August - September 2020


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