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Evidence-based HR: The bridge between your people and delivering business strategy

Evidence-based HR

KPMG’s new publication on the most discussed topic amongst C-level and HR management concerning data, analysis and research on the connection between people management practices and business outcomes shows that even skeptical executives expect their organisation to either begin or increase the use of Big Data and advanced analytics over the next three years.


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Evidence-based HR

Evidence-based HR elaborates on the findings from a survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit on behalf of KPMG on the usage and potential of Big Data and advanced analytics in HR. 

Where does Bulgaria stand?

Bulgaria follows the global trends as the local management also demands the rich variety of data available to be practically utilised by the HR professionals to back up their decisions, opposed to relying on instinct and best practice. 

As an HR professional, you ask yourself: 

How could we raise the credibility of the HR function?

Is there a way for the HR function to become more value driven? 

How could we make the best use of the various Big Data available? 

The answers to these questions and the findings in the survey will probably trigger you to initiate a quick scan of ways to get to the next level of knowledge and understanding of people matters and to develop HR strategies that will have a direct impact on the delivery of business objectives. 

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