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REACTION 19 Webcast

Chemical conglomerates and demand-driven supply chains 2.0 for chemical companies.

31 May 2016, 11:00AM - 12:00PM, EST

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We are pleased to announce this upcoming REACTION 19 webcast, which will discuss chemical conglomerates and demand-driven supply chains.


Chemical conglomerates reshuffle portfolios in a bid to increase strategic growth:

The proposed recent merger of Dow Chemical and DuPont is helping to change the face of the industry. In some ways, the DowDuPont deal will have an unprecedented impact on the competitive landscape of multiple sectors. At the same time, it reflects a decade-long trend by chemical conglomerates to make strategic acquisitions while also splitting up large entities, resulting in much more focused businesses. Please read Till and Barry’s article here.


Demand-driven supply chains 2.0 for chemical companies: built for a rapidly changing global industry:

Chemical companies are facing dramatic changes in global markets, feedstock supply, corporate mergers as well as a slowed down global economic situation and increasing price and margin pressure in some parts of the chemical industry. Traditional supply chains based on demand forecasts can limit a company’s ability to respond quickly and effectively to new and unforeseen developments. vectors which previously affected only corporate IT systems. However, a demand-driven, pull approach focused on real-time updates on customer demand and backed by deep visibility across the supply chain can help companies keep pace with change in today’s chemical industry. Please read Erich’s article here.


Join Till Knorr, Partner, Deal Advisory & Strategy, KPMG in Germany, Barry van Bergen, Director, Strategy Group KPMG in the UK, and Erich Ludwig Gampenrieder, Global Head of Operations Advisory and Global Head of Operations Center of Excellence, KPMG in Germany


> REGISTER FOR WEBCAST (Click link to register for this upcoming webcast)


This webcast is a must for C-suite and directors who operate within the chemicals sector.


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