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Strategy Consultant

Strategy Consultant

If you like Darina Velkova want the tougher choice, read on!

If you like Darina Velkova want the tougher choice, read on!

Darina Velkova

How did it all start?

I have BBA and MBA degrees from Sofia University. While obtaining my Master’s degree, I was looking for a job that would contribute to my university knowledge and develop my skills as a professional in my field.

I saw a job ad for an administrative assistant at the Advisory department of KPMG. I had all the necessary requirements for the position so I applied and had a call back for an interview in two weeks' time.

At the interview my future manager offered me the job as Administrative Assistant but as it seemed he believed in my competences and gave me an option to apply for a higher and more responsible position as a Consultant at the Strategy department.

Of course, I wanted the tougher job so I took it. I am really grateful for the opportunity he gave me then as I very much enjoy what I have been doing for almost 2 years now.

How did you get to where you are?

My work includes performing market analyses and business opportunity appraisals. The best part is that every project involves different industry, countries, types of clients, information, KPIs, and your skills and knowledge broaden with every single one.

At the beginning it was hard. I was very tense because I couldn’t deliver everything that was asked of me by myself. But it turned out that work is a product of team effort and every time I have had difficulties, my colleagues have been there to help, explain, repeat and show me how.

What changed over time is that I learnt a lot of new things, gained more confidence to perform some analyses by myself, got better at presenting information and with my experience increasing, my senior colleagues have trusted me more with harder tasks.

Why did you choose to apply at KPMG?

KPMG was a great fit for me at the time I applied, because I was both looking for a job that would give me valuable experience after I graduated, and a job that would look good on my resume.

KPMG combines both. It is an internationally recognizable brand that will catch everybody’s eye on the CV of a recent graduate. And also the most valuable assets of a company such as KPMG are its qualified professionals. I wanted to work side by side with these people in order to benefit from their knowledge and experience the best way I can.

What energizes you at work?

The work is interesting and challenging. It brings me the satisfaction that I learn new things and grow as a business analyst and a consultant on daily basis.

And I see my team more as my friends, rather than colleagues. I believe we have managed to keep a good balance between delivering the best results to our clients, and at the same time to have a positive and friendly atmosphere at the office.

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