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Viktor Kyosev

Viktor Kyosev

A career journey at KPMG can help you grow the best version of you.

Viktor Kyosev

Viktor Kyosev

Find out more about the life of an Audit intern at KPMG through the experience of Viktor Kyosev.

Your first day at KPMG?

I was full of excitement because I was joining such a well-known global organization. On my first day at KPMG, I admit I was a little scared but the feeling went away once I met my new colleagues at work, they were all very nice and welcoming. In the beginning, I was introduced to KPMG, then I attended internal online courses and, at the end of the day, I received my first tasks. That was my first step in a journey of a thousand miles.

Highlights of your internship at KPMG?

The internship at KPMG is like no other to me. Never before have I been entrusted with so many responsibilities, hence possibilities to prove myself. I was most impressed with the team of professionals – in such a dynamic environment, it is crucial to have highly educated and experienced mentors who will always be next to you in any difficulties, because they have gone down this road and know what it is for us trainees.

Why Audit?

To be a good economist, you should gain knowledge in four broad areas of expertise – accounting, investing, understanding markets and law. Working in the Audit department at KPMG let me develop vital skills in these areas. Moreover, this happened in an ideal mix of theoretical and practical knowledge: each week I got to work on a new entity, some of them are global organisations, I got to know new business environments and experience operations of different sizes, and I got to see different missions and goals. And the quality of services that we provide must always be top-level.

How did balancing university and internship work for you?

It wasn’t an easy task in the beginning to organize my time between work and university, but the connection between them motivates me even more to progress in both areas. I’m a senior year finance student at the University of National and World Economy and, at KPMG, I had the unique opportunity to practice a large part of the theories and business concepts I have learned. I quickly got used to the situation with the help of the managers and partners in KPMG’s Audit department. They encouraged me to be more efficient and together we worked out a schedule that allowed me to balance and attend my university classes. 

What would your advice be to university students considering internship opportunities?

Surely you learn a lot if you manage to combine theory and practice at such an early step of your career development. My advice would be: you need to be confident in your choice of internship. For my six months at KPMG, I was given more tasks than in many other companies and even though working as an audit trainee was tough, it was totally worth it. I was sure in my choice, I set my goals in the beginning and I was glad to be able to exceed them. At KPMG, you have the opportunity to reach the maximum of your abilities.

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