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Kristian Markov

Kristian Markov

A career journey at KPMG can help you grow the best version of you.

A career journey at KPMG can help you grow the best version of you.


Find more what life of an intern is at KPMG through the experience of Kristian Markov.

Your first day at KPMG?

I went in with an enormous willingness to learn, mixed with a bit of worry for the challenges ahead. I was welcomed by my mentor who introduced me to the department where I was going to work. I was particularly impressed with the amicable and cheerful atmosphere.

What have you learned?

I really appreciated the training provided at KPMG about the activities and tasks I could expect as well as my role. I was then included in various projects where I assisted different teams. That was an invaluable opportunity not only because of the knowledge about various industries but also because it helped me to advance my professional skills.

Have you applied what you studied at university?

The diverse projects gave me an opportunity to apply both practical and theoretical knowledge acquired at university. This included tasks like financial statement analysis, market entry plans and development of restructuring plans as well as preparation of presentations. Still,the tasks that pushed my development were the ones that I had no prior experience in: introduction to financial modeling and real estate appraisal, to name a few.

Have you changed your ideas about your future development?

The internship experience made me look at things from a fresh perspective. It taught me that I need not only to be able to specialize but also to adapt quickly. It also helped in my thinking about possible job opportunities after graduation and pursuing a master's degree.

What has impressed you?

To say “the employees’ professionalism” will sound as a cliché. It was rather their devotion to the company and willingness to spend the hours needed in front of the computer, sometimes even at home. At university we emphasized teamwork and I could really see it happen at KPMG. Also,the numerous opportunities I was given to develop. Last but not least, we could also bond over people’s personal interests such as football.

What would your advice be to university students considering internship opportunities?

I greatly appreciate my five months at KPMG as I was learning something new every day and I felt I was helpful to the team. I have completed several internships and they all have given me new points of view and made me think about what I really want to do in future. I think students would benefit from internships, expanding their networks, meeting people and gaining precious knowledge. I would say, Don’t miss the opportunity to do an internship while studying. I hope you will also get the chance to experience KPMG like I did.

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