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Elizabet Slaveykova

Elizabet Slaveykova

A career journey at KPMG can help you grow the best version of you.

Elizabet Slaveykova

Elizabet Slaveykova

See what life is like at KPMG. Read about Elizabet's experiences as a Tax Intern.

Your first day at KPMG?

I was excited and a little anxious, I was starting a new milestone in my life: my first job and I was about to meet my new colleagues and to learn more about what was expected of me. I was introduced to the department and my team and everyone was friendly and approachable. After an introduction to the project and my responsibilities, I received my first assignment from my manager. The day flew by fast and, at the end of it, I felt happy and satisfied and couldn’t wait for the challenges of the next day to come.

Highlights of your internship in KPMG?

My internship was dynamic and I had the opportunity to experience different tasks on a daily basis, which allowed me to learn and learn. I am happy to have gained the trust of my team and to be treated as a full-time member whose work is valued.  I have also made new friendships with people with different interests.

Why tax?

I’m a law student at the University of National and World Economy and tax and employment issues are an aspect of law I am interested in and wanted to experience personally. As part of my internship, I have the possibility not only to learn a lot about employment law, HR administration and payroll but also to analyze this new knowledge to find in practice efficient and useful solutions with respect to our everyday tasks.

How does balancing university and internship work for you?

It is not easy to be fully devoted and focused on two such important aspects of my life at the same time. The fact that I love both motivates me to do better every day. In practical terms, I think this internship makes me much more organized and efficient in both areas.

What would your advice be to university students considering internship opportunities?

My advice to these students would be not to miss such an opportunity as early as possible for them because it allows you to gain valuable insights about what it is to work on a daily basis in your chosen field. Combining theory and practice together is the best way to start your professional career. 

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