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Tips for tests

Tips for tests

Tests assist the recruitment process to complete the overall impression of whether your skills and abilities meet the job requirements

Tips for tests

When taking recruitment tests, remember the following:

  • Complete the test quickly, do not waste time on difficult questions – leave them until the end. Start with problems which are easy for you and take the least time. 
  • Do not feel overwhelmed by the number of questions. Tests are designed to evaluate your ability to prioritise. You do not need to solve all the questions to pass (but the more you do solve, the better chance you will have…). 
  • Do not try to understand a long description before you read the question at the end. It often happens that not all the given information is needed to answer the question correctly. 
  • Do not waste time checking answers on which you have just decided.
  • If you are checking a solution, do it after a short break (you may solve the next problem and then re-check a previous answer). 
  • Eliminate answers which are definitely wrong. Choose from the remaining answers. 
  • Do not read the whole test slowly and carefully before you start answering. This is a waste of time and will not help you to answer all questions.

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