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Clinical trials in Bulgaria: KPMG study of the key challenges

Clinical trials in Bulgaria

KPMG in Bulgaria performed a market study and outlined the characteristics of the clinical trials sector in the country.

Clinical trials in Bulgaria: KPMG study of the key challenges

Some insights are:

  • Conducting clinical trials in Bulgaria is a BGN 150 million industry.
  • It provides numerous non-monetary benefits to stakeholders, including early access to innovative treatment, technology transfer, opportunities for professional development for researchers.
  • It appears that the sector has been shrinking over the last three years.
  • If the identified improvements are implemented and the main roadblocks impeding the sector are alleviated, industry players think that the clinical trials in Bulgaria could return to an upward trend.

To delve into further detail, read the Executive Summary (available in English (PDF 401KB) and Bulgarian (PDF 469KB)) of KPMG’s study of the key challenges facing the clinical trials industry in Bulgaria.

About the study

KPMG in Bulgaria conducted the study of the clinical trials sector in Bulgaria upon the request of the Board of Directors of the Bulgarian Association of Clinical Research. The study is based on the responses to the questionnaire KPMG compiled to explore the views on the topic of pharmaceutical companies and clinical research organisations.

It further explores a selection of factors which have a substantial influence on the development of the clinical trials industry globally and locally and assesses select benefits and risks related to conducting clinical trials in Bulgaria.

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