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Consumer Goods

The consumer goods landscape keeps changing.

The consumer goods landscape keeps changing.

The numerous challenges include exploring new growth opportunities, developing and sourcing new products, overcoming dumping and brand imitations, and fulfilling retailer and consumer expectations.


Today, the development and production areas must adapt far more quickly to new customer requirements than some years ago. An example of this is the trend towards verticalization: the closer integration of production and distribution enables companies to react to new customer preferences within a few days while reducing production costs.


Just as the retailers' requirements, consumer goods manufacturers will also have to take into account the demands of local markets. The major retail chains are increasingly targeting the countries of the former eastern bloc for expansion, for example. Manufacturers will have to beef up their production and logistics if they are to be able to act as primary suppliers in these countries too.


Finally, the producer must comply with legislative norms. This relates not only to the safety criteria that a product must meet, but ultimately also to its disposal (recycling). Another factor that must be taken into account is the EU-wide standardization of the warranty period at two years.


KPMG in Belgium works with consumer product clients in a large range of sectors, including clothing, textiles and footwear, cosmetics and toiletries, electrical and electronic equipment, personal and household goods, toys and sporting goods. Our multidisciplinary team of professionals can bring you a deep understanding of the consumer products industry to every assignment.


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