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The crossroads of ideas

  • Koen Maerevoet, Partner |

There is an intersection in the field of ideas where thoughts cross. KPMG would like to place itself at that junction, review those ideas and contribute to the flow of thought about subjects that affect the societies we live and work in. For that reason, we have initiated a blog section on our KPMG website.

Our blog section, however, will not only be dedicated to the different areas of our business, although they may be referred to. Our primary purpose is to take a look at the issues, which could be in any domain that is relevant to our readers, such as the economy, government regulations, technology, sustainability, etc., and present views and news on these topics of interest.

We have, in house, a large number of specialists and authorities on themes that affect us all. We want these blogs to explain, trigger discussions and make our readers think. We want to challenge our readers because handling challenges make them happy. Learning also satisfies our readers because it opens up information about sectors and subjects they may not have known about.

Our new blog section will kick off with several informative blogs, namely Brexit and mobility. These are hotly debated matters that will dramatically influence many aspects of business and society in general. I highly recommend them for those who want to be informed, in a clear and comprehensive way, how policy makers approach the above-mentioned issues and other topics. Our experts will also share with you what to expect in and how to get ready for the future.

We are pleased to start this blog in the hope that postings on it will help readers learn and benefit from our resources.


Koen Maerevoet
Senior Partner
KPMG Belgium