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The Flex Reward Tool

The Flex Reward Tool

Discover all the benefits of using our Flex Reward tool.

Discover all the benefits of using our Flex Reward tool.

Discover the Flex Reward Tool

When it comes to benefits, there is no one-size-fits-all formula. Employees have different needs based. Our tool provides a user-friendly web-based platform to offer your employees more choice in their compensation and benefits. It provides them the freedom to choose, therefore keeping them happy, and without any added work for you!


Your benefits from using KPMG for the implementation of your Flexible Reward Plan:

  • Development of an individual strategy for your company and remuneration needs
  • Help with all technical aspects of assessment, planning, and implementation
  • Assessment of tax, legal, and cost implications
  • Work with any payroll provider that you choose
  • Use of our user-friendly web-based tool with the following features:
  • The key asset of our tool is flexibility: we adapt our tool based on your needs:
    • Simulation tool: to enable your employees to individually shape their compensation and benefits package and immediately see the impact of their choice on their gross and net salary
    • Communication tool: central portal to share information with employees. Communication about rewards is key and our tool can be used to enhance this communication.
    • HR tool: our tool significantly decreases the administrative burden by automating processes. All data is stored in a central (exportable) database. We offer the possibility to link this database with internal or external parties. Other features are also available, such as the automatic draft of an annex to the employment contract based on the choice of the employee, and a HR access page with possibilities for HR to update basic data and access reports.
  • The tool takes into account all tax and social security calculations (including individual income tax, VAT and corporate income tax)


Request a demo to see how our Flex Reward Tool could work for you company. 

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