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Social Security and Employment Law

Social Security and Employment Law

Belgian employment law can often appear complex and difficult to apprehend. It can quite often come across as a true legal maze, our experts however are very familiar at finding their way through and guiding you throughout this process at the same time. Using the right legal blend for your company, we can help you navigate the complexities of international employment mobility, drafting policies and remunerations well as offer advice on all matters relating to the legal side of employment and compensation.

Our experts are ready to help you clear the complexities of employment law covering a range of domains.

  • International employment mobility
  • Intra group mobility/sourcing of employees
  • Employment contracts, work rules and codes of conduct
  • Drafting policies on remuneration and other HR aspects
  • Advice on working time and due compensation
  • Advice on non-compete clauses and IP related matters in an HR context
  • Advice regarding wellbeing at the work place
  • Restructuring
  • Social due diligence, both in the framework of an internal audit as in the framework of mergers and acquisitions
  • Social security, including:
    • Social security tax advice, both in a national and international context
    • Application for A1 Certifications / Certificate of Coverage
    • Assistance with regards to registration formalities (e.g. Limosa)


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