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Payroll Tax

Payroll Tax

You compensate your employees, both in cash and in kind. A crystal-clear employment package is therefore essential and achieving that clarity largely depends on properly accounting for payroll tax and social security contributions. Regrettably it’s often unclear whether, when or how compensation and allowances are subject to payroll tax and social security contributions. The rules governing this field are complex and encompass numerous special arrangements in areas such as pensions, stock option plans and employee savings plans.

To help you determine how payroll tax and social security impact your organization our People Services team and specifically our payroll tax experts can provide you with:

  • advice on (international) wage tax and social security,
  • assistance  with wage tax compliance,
  • advice on and assistance with wage tax exemptions,
  • tax and security analysis of fringe benefits, such as cafeteria models, expense allowances, reimbursement of costs proper to the employer, equity-based compensation plans and pension plans,
  • support during tax and/or social security audits,
  • assistance with Tax ruling (e.g. costs proper to the employer),
  • assistance with payroll scans
  • coordination and processing of expatriate payroll,
  • liaising between companies and third party payroll vendors to improve coordination, accuracy and accountability,
  • on-site support.


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