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How to successfully manage your M&A activities?

How to successfully manage your M&A activities?

Managing the important role tax can play in M&A activities.

Managing the important role tax can play in M&A activities.


Successful growth can be created by internal development, but a corporate development strategy may also require a merger or acquisition, a partnership or joint-venture, or even a divestment. In all these scenarios, tax can play an important role and create or destroy value. It is therefore necessary to address the tax aspects of any M&A transaction in a timely and appropriate manner. 

KPMG Approach

Typical buy-side M&A tax we help with:

  • Tax due diligence
  • Modeling of the target business’ future tax position
  • Assistance with tax matters in the share/asset purchase agreement
  • The structuring of the transaction and post-acquisition integration

Our focus in each of these areas is on value protection and value creation.

For buy-out transactions we help with: 

  • Aligning interests of management and the financial sponsor in a sustainable and tax-efficient manner
  • Addressing key tax considerations for an exit
  • Integrating the acquired business with minimal fiscal obstacles
  • Find opportunities to increase the tax-efficiency of your integrated group

When assisting as a vendor we can help with:

  • Giving potential investors and their advisers insight into the tax position of the business to be divested to maximize value
  • Managing and mitigating any historical tax exposures where needed


Our broad experience with deals and focus on value can help you secure the maximum from your M&A transaction. Having worked on many M&A transactions, we understand the mechanics of acquisitions and disposals in a competitive environment so that we can help you maximize the efficiency of your M&A process. 

Closely integrated in KPMG’s global M&A network, we are not restricted by local knowledge or national borders, and we can help you to address both local as well as cross-border fiscal challenges and opportunities in the area of M&A. 

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