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KPMG Accountants can help with e-accounting, enhancement of accounting procedures and start-up advice.

KPMG Accountants can help with e-accounting, start-up advice, etc.

E-accounting and cost accounting 

KPMG Accountants can help you manage and organize all your general and cost accounting as well as verifying your bookkeeping. We can also manage the tasks associated with closing your periodic and annual accounts, as well as oversee the organization, implementation and monitoring of your internal control procedures. Your purchase and sale invoices, just like your banking transactions, are fully electronically processed through our innovative e-tools (intelligent scanning, CODA) that reduce manual intervention to a minimum. This can help provide you quickly with the needed financial information.


Enhancement of accounting procedures

KPMG Accountants can help you administer the accounting organization for all your associations and companies, as well as manage the internal controls to help improve the structure of corporate groups. We can also assist you in setting up an analytical accounting system, training your staff from the accounting or finance departments in the preparation of your policies and the implementation of accounting software packages.


Temporary administrative and accounting support

Due to the changing needs of directors, regulators, and other stakeholders, you may need specialist support on a temporary basis. KPMG Accountants can guide you in the fields of accounting, administration and business management and help you carry out efficiently your new projects.

Below are some of the experts we have on our team: 

  • Controller – Budget Analyst
  • Chief Accountant
  • Management Accountant
  • Assistant Bookkeeper
  • Financial Consultant
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Reporting Responsible
  • New software package implementation assistant 


Start-ups advice

You want to startup a company and are seeking advice. KPMG Accountants gives you a clear overview of the key points for the creation of your business. We provide you with an insight on the pros and cons of a corporate structure and those of a one-man business. Moreover, we can assist you in all the formalities associated with the creation of your company:

  • Contact with notary
  • Review of statutes
  • Requirements of the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE)
  • Contact with social secretariat and financial institutions
  • Request VAT number
  • Preparation or review of business plan, including financial plan

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