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KPMG Accountants helps you with annual financial statements, tax and VAT compliance and comparative analyses and dashboards.

KPMG Accountants helps you with annual financial statements, tax and VAT compliance.

Annual financial statements and legal compliance

KPMG Accountants helps you with your annual financial statements and checks the legal compliance of these financial statements and statuary reports. This process includes the preparation and the submission of financial statements, the completion of your tax return and an analysis of your annual financial statements on basis of ratios, key figures and trends. 

Tax and VAT compliance

KPMG Accountants takes charge of your VAT and Intrastat returns and prepares your annual tax-listing, as well as the files to justify the payment of fees and commissions and your tax returns (corporate income tax, personal income tax and legal entities tax). We also follow-up your payments.

Comparative analyses and dashboards

The different economic actors and stakeholders want to receive meaningful, clear and reliable comparative analysis and dashboards in your company’s annual financial statements. KPMG Accountants helps you prepare these dashboards and analyzes them, making recommendations on key success factors. Besides, we provide clear explanations of the results to management, managers/directors and shareholders.

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