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Climate change is rapidly emerging as a threat to the stability of our financial systems. More frequent and severe weather events are damaging infrastructure and disrupting supply chains. Transition to a lower carbon economy is bringing new policies, regulations and rapid changes to market dynamics. And some carbon-intensive companies are already facing lawsuits related to their contributions to climate change.

Public opinion as well as government authorities are increasingly requiring companies to report on and disclose their carbon footprint and strategy. Additionally an increased number of other stakeholders, such as investors, are using the GHG reporting of companies as a basis for their economic decisions. Following the growing interest on carbon footprints, there is a clear need for robust and accurate information and reporting of Greenhouse Gas emissions, targets and performance by corporates.

Managing and reporting on Greenhouse Gas emissions will contribute to the long-term value creation of companies and to achieving sustainable growth. It will allow corporations to make business decisions based on more than just financial impact and will allow for significant cost savings in energy usage and carbon taxes. Additionally, reputational risks can be mitigated, and it can significantly contribute to a company’s branding and communication towards stakeholders.

How we can help

Our team can provide bespoke services to help clients account for Carbon and Greenhouse Gas emissions and provide advice on this topic. Our support covers the following areas:

  1. Accounting, measurement, verification and assurance of Greenhouse Gas emissions
  2. Assistance in adoption of Science-based Targets (SBT)
  3. Assistance in setting decarbonization targets
  4. Advice on reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions
  5. Develop, define and advise on Greenhouse Gas mitigation strategies
  6. Assistance in and verification of Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) reporting

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