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KPMG Eurometropole/ Eurométropole

KPMG Eurometropole/ Eurométropole

One-stop-shop for Franco Belgian business.

One-stop-shop for Franco Belgian business.

Today's challenges

The Eurometropole is located in one of the largest concentrations of prosperity in Europe. It is a region consisting of French and Belgian SMEs and large corporates that have to cross borders to develop their business and expand their markets. In doing so, they face cross-border problems: choice of the type of establishment, management of real estate investments, employment legislation, taxation, etc. A specific type of support is needed for all these issues: precise knowledge of the legislation in the various countries, specific bilateral knowledge of business; and sound experience in these specialist areas. 

How KPMG can help

Advice on cross-border issues:

  • Tax advice;
  • Accounting;
  • Social legislation;
  • Corporate law;
  • Diverse economic questions, evaluations and transactions;

Guidance for your establishment in its cross-border activities:

  • Generating and screening reports;
  • Legal formalities;

Fiscal and social optimization for business managers and their employees:

  • Salary split;
  • Flexible remuneration;
  • Employment legislation audit;

Group issues:

  • Transfer pricing;
  • Dividends, royalties and interest flows;
  • Audit of subsidiaries and reporting to the parent company;

What benefits do we offer you?

Your one-stop shop for Franco-Belgian business:

  • Service provision in your language
  • Coordination and management across borders
  • Implementation and monitoring of your projects
  • Advice and support in legal disputes for which KPMG calls on K law, an independent law firm with which KPMG Tax Consultants has a cost-sharing arrangement.

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