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tried-and-tested solutions in our technology portfolio ready to be adapted to your challenge or opportunity


KPMG Lighthouse — driving data to transform business

We live in a time of digital disruption which is set to impact every business in every corner of the globe. Businesses that embrace technological advancements and leverage the potential of data will have immense opportunities to flourish and remain competitive. Those who don’t risk forever falling behind.

With this new mindset comes the challenge of mastering the ongoing hurdles that technological disruption brings. True digital transformation is not a one-time adoption — it is a continuous evolution.

KPMG Lighthouse and technology expert Peter Van den Spiegel

KPMG Lighthouse teams leverage data, analytics and artificial intelligence technologies to build and deliver solutions that help you transform your business. Our global Lighthouse network combines our data-driven technologies and capabilities with our deep-rooted domain expertise to accelerate innovation, drive speed and relevance and ensure a global scale for data-driven solutions for your business.

By concentrating competencies in data-driven and emerging technologies under one center of excellence, our team is able to address your key challenges including:

  • trust in your data and Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • insights driven decision making
  • digital architecture
  • automation and optimization


We tailor our approach to guide you through your journey of digitalization and transformation.

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What‘s in it for you?

Anticipate tomorrow, deliver today

Based on your unique business needs, our solutions can help you enhance, accelerate, automate and augment processes and decisions that drive growth and profitability.

Concretely, you will benefit from:

  • a visualization of the results of your investments in transformation projects by providing you with key insights at operational and strategic levels;
  • increased trust in your data, how it is managed and stored, allowing you to generate sustainable value from data governance related initiatives;
  • a transformed business with investments in the right technologies and automation, helping you build confidence that unlocks opportunities to become more operationally efficient and future proof;
  • the ability to radically innovate and leverage new technologies, maximize your efficiency, increase your productivity and make sound business decisions.

Why trust matters

Elements of trust in analytics

Trust in analytics is become a defining factor in an organization’s success. Here’s why.

Data-driven technologies can unlock market opportunities and create significant disruption for organizations around the world.

As artificial intelligence sweeps through almost every industry, trusted analytics becomes a defining factor in an organization’s success or failure.

The trust gap grows. C-suite executives continue to question the trustworthiness of data and analytics and this trust gap doesn’t appear to be decreasing with experience or time.

As more and more decisions are made by machines, businesses should implement tighter governance arrangements for analytics to maintain trust and leverage the full potential of data-driven technologies.

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Adressing your challenges

Our unique offering. Unlocking value.

It takes more than just technology to create sustainable value from data-driven technologies. Our business-first approach combines highly specialized data capabilities with strong functional and sector expertise, and a proven organizational change management - all geared towards facilitating your business transformation.

Supporting the C-suite

With full-scale transformation services powered by data-driven and AI-enabled solutions.


Taking a business-first perspective

Focused on solving complex business issues with analytics, rather than a technology-first approach.


Taking an ‘AI-first’ approach

Across the full spectrum of the value chain, creating analytics and automation solutions that transform business and operating models.


Leveraging deep industry and process knowledge

Understanding your business context, defining problems, articulating and building domain solutions and delivering holistic services.

Global scale and innovation

KPMG Lighthouse brings a combined and accelerated international portfolio of data-driven capabilities.


Creating a differentiated competitive advantage

By unlocking the value of your data and providing unique sources of external data.


Delivering trusted analytics solutions and services

So your leaders can rely on the analytics and trust that your data is safe.