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Accounting Advisory Services

Accounting Advisory Services

KPMG’s Global Conversion Services (GCS) is a multi-disciplinary activity, using a structured approach to assist clients performing IFRS conversions

KPMG’s Global Conversion Services (GCS) helps to assist clients performing IFRS

IFRS implementation services

The recent new IFRS standards cover a number of key topics such as revenue (IFRS 15), leases (IFRS 16) and financial instruments (IFRS9).

The implementation of these accounting changes throughout an organization may require significant time and resources. Some of these changes may impact the entire organization (systems, processes, controls, record keeping, performance measurement and results, and communication).

Our specialists will work with you to understand the potential implications of the anticipated accounting changes and the potential business decisions that may be necessary. They can:

  • provide advice on the impacts of accounting changes;
  • assist you in the development of an implementation roadmap;
  • conduct technical training sessions to equip your team with the knowledge to navigate new standards successfully.

How can we assist you in converting to IFRS?

Our specialists are well positioned to guide you through the process by analyzing the impact these changes will have on your entire organization. Our experience and well-tested methodology aim at ensuring that all linkages and dependencies between accounting and reporting, systems and processes, and people and business are well established. Our approach will help you, for example, to:

  • identify GAAP differences and IFRS disclosure requirements;
  • identify information “gaps” and define new systems needs;
  • assess internal reporting and key performance indicators and communication stakeholders;
  • execute training and revise performance evaluation target.

Accounting advice

Are you experiencing accounting and financial reporting issues? Our experts can deliver valuable advice on the impact transactions could have on your organization such as:

  • business combinations;
  • consolidation;
  • securitizations;
  • derivatives and hedging;
  • leasing;
  • debt/equity transactions;
  • joint ventures;
  • fair value measurements;
  • revenue recognition

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