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Digital and Omni-Channel

Digital and Omni-Channel

Digital technology is part of a company’s daily business and revolutionizes value chains.

Digital technology is part of a company’s daily business.

A rapid adoption of digital technology, mobile devices, and social networking makes customers even more powerful.

Digital has moved into a company’s daily business and is revolutionizing value chains.

In this digital economy, senior executives need to transform the way companies interact with their customers, how they operate, address opportunities and risks related to digital. They also need to understand how digital contributes to their business in an omni-channel context to better serve customers, match their preferences and provide a superior customer experience.


We never forget that growth is every organization’s goal. So we adopted an approach to digital priorities aimed at improving business economics. Our methods and toolkits such as ‘The Digital Strategy Framework’, ‘The Customer Experience Toolkit’ and ‘The Enterprise Mobility Framework’ combine our deep professional expertise, our industry knowledge and multi-disciplinary capabilities. They represent coherent approaches helping to deliver our services in a clear and structured manner while maintaining a high-quality standard.


Challenges companies are facing:

When it comes to digital and onmi-channel, companies tend to face challenges across three areas: strategy, organization, and technology.Have you come across these questions?

  • How can I build a clear strategy to guide my investments in line with business objectives?
  • How do I differentiate through my digital strategy?
  • Which channels should I invest in?
  • How can I keep customers engaged, improve retention and/ or acquisition?
  • How do I build organizational capability to implement my digital ambitions?
  • How can my organization combine digital business with the ‘traditional’ one?
  • How does digital impact the IT strategy and the role of the IT organization?
  • How do I deliver new products and services rapidly whilst leveraging existing skills and acquiring new ones?
  • How do I rationalize my investment in digital assets?
  • Security comes first: how do I balance cyber security risks with a superior customer experience?


How we can help:

Digital and omni-channel strategy

Understand how digital creates business opportunitiesDevelop a channel mix strategyManage customer expectations and preferences


Customer experience excellence

  • Create the customer experience of the future
  • Apply customer-oriented thinking to re-imagine customer journeys
  • Define improvements that drive value or manage cost


Delivering digital with confidence

  • Understand and overcome potential hurdles in realizing your digital or omni-channel transformations
  • Define realization path and rapidly set-up the organization, skills, change approach required for delivering the transformation and the targeted customer experience


Digital risk management

  • Protect businesses and customers from cyber security risk
  • Remain compliant with applicable legal considerations
  • Understand and mitigate risks related to using digital technology to enable your workforce 


The mobile enterprise

  • Define strategic and tactical solutions in using technology to enable enterprise mobility
  • Drive employee productivity, collaboration, and flexibility
  • Help employees engage with customers better and create competitive advantage


Analytics: from data to insights

  • Move from data to insights, delivering effective strategies for improving customer and business value
  • Obtain valuable information for acquisition, retention up-selling and cross-selling

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