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Information Protection Services

Information Protection Services

Penetration Testing, Red & Blue Team Testing - Ethical hackers putting your defences to the test.

Ethical hackers putting your defences to the test.

As caretakers of sensitive commercial data, CFOs need to find the balance between data protection and accessibility. With cyber threats being more of a business risk than just an IT risk, digital CFOs must go beyond digital walls, helping their organization stay one step ahead by integrating and embedding cyber security in their key decision making processes.

IS/Cyber Policy Design & Implementation – Understand the risks and threats applicable to you. We can help you design and implement secure information protection guidelines to mitigate these risks.
Cyber Security Incident & Response Management - Helping clients effectively and efficiently respond to cyber incidents and conduct technical analysis, and manage response activities.
Security Architecture - Give attackers no chance by following our recommendations to help you create a more secure IT architecture.

Security Analytics - Build a strong foundation for breach detection and response by finding your unknown unknowns with a holistic approach to advanced threat analytics
Privacy & Data Protection - Helping you manage the technological, governance, business and legal privacy and data protection requirements within your organization.
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery – Set-up, implement and test your BCP and DRP plans in order to manage the unexpected and keep your business going.

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