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Optimize IT Investments

Optimize IT Investments

Find the full potential in your IT investments.

Find the full potential in your IT investments.

Find the full potential in your IT investments.

Information Technology (IT) transparency has become the new mantra for many IT organizations as they struggle to become more relevant and responsive to the business.

Publishing a service catalog, building service cost models, and sharing this information with stakeholders is a significant step towards running IT as a business, but transparency is not enough. In fact, under certain circumstances transparency alone can lead to the wrong behaviors if not explained properly. They say cost. We say value. After years of cost cutting begun during the financial crisis and subsequent deep recession, CIOs have managed to capture much of the low-hanging fruit.


However, at some point, cost cutting begins to reduce capabilities that can adversely impact business. Leading IT organizations do not stop with transparency. They continue the journey so they can change the conversation with the Board of Directors and Business Leadership away from the singular focus on IT as a cost reduction towards IT as an investment. This brings the focus on enhancing returns and winning in the market.


Challenges companies are facing

Cost transparency: Locating, aggregating, and normalizing all of the IT cost data can be time consuming and expensive, requiring a level of effort that diverts valuable and already overstressed IT resources.

Financial accountability: The total cost of ownership of each application and asset must be calculated so their contributions to increasing revenue, decreasing time to market, and enhancing customer satisfaction can be properly measured.

Technology portfolio management: Over time, many IT portfolios have grown organically from business demands— investments for ERP, CRM, and supply chain automation, and the absorption of systems through mergers and acquisitions. The result is portfolios that are filled with redundancy, excess capacity, and underutilized assets.

Business demand forecasting: IT is frequently operated as a supplier handling requests on a first in/first out basis. When increased demands and cost cutting measures coincide, the result is a “perfect storm”—with backlogs, longer delivery times, business frustrations, and the neglect of IT’s value proposition


How we can help

KPMG offers its IT Investment and Technology Business Management services as a discipline focused on creating maximum performance of the IT investment portfolio by enabling collaboration between IT, finance, and business partners. Our team can help:

  • Provide transparency into the cost, quality, and value of your services
  • Drive alignment between technology supply and business demand
  • Guide and demonstrate the value of technology to business partners
  • Utilize the principles of marketplace economics to drive change


Benefits of working with KPMG

At KPMG, we’ve been helping IT organizations apply IT Investment and Technology Business Management disciplines to navigate the journey from technology provider to value-focused business partner. We help IT organizations manage the business of IT through an integrated view of technology, cost, performance, supply, and demand. 

KPMG has developed a Value Optimization Pathway to help IT organizations navigate the journey from technology provider to value-focused business partner. The pathway recognizes that organizations typically pass through four stages of maturity on their way to sustainable value optimization. Effectively advancing an organization’s maturity calls for effective transparency and management across three inter-related optimization domains.

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