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Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions

Implement your ERP system effectively to maximize the value it offers.

Implement your ERP system effectively to maximize the value it offers.

Digital transformations support businesses today in their challenges of tomorrow. At KPMG we believe that the implementation of a complex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution can only be truly successful if they are seen as a business transformation, executed according to an end-to-end business value driven approach by a high performant and passionate team.

KPMG’s Enterprise Solutions is your partner in the total lifecycle of your ERP and CRM implementation as we assist you in unlocking your maximum potential business value.


Challenges companies are facing:

  • Unmanageable amount of customizations;
  • Misalignment of leading practices for end-to-end processes;
  • Managing risk and compliance;
  • Managing security, data protection and privacy;
  • Maintaining application support compliance;
  • Increasing visibility across the enterprise;
  • Taking advantage of improved application functionality;
  • Addressing global requirements and standards.


How we can help:

By choosing KPMG, you will work with a proven (global) system integrator, an organization that leverages product and integration knowledge, services and expertise, within the national and international KPMG network in:

  • IT Tax optimization;
  • Finance and P2P process optimization;
  • Business process controls designs and integration;
  • Client side advisory;
  • Vendor selection and IT strategy assistance;
  • ERP – GDPR compliance;
  • Security roles integration.


Benefits of working with KPMG:

Based on our Value Delivery Framework, KPMG can help you optimize value brought by an ERP enabled business transformation while minimizing risks and uncertainty with a strong mix of strategy, management and technology consultants, thereby:

  • Providing a unifying architecture and language for methods that underpin KPMG’s approach to transformation;
  • Aligning strategy with design to deliver actionable implementation of transformative change;
  • Introducing modular core methods and journeys; connecting them to functional and sector insights to increase relevance for you and your projects;
  • Providing a central deliverables directory, ensuring efficient access to KPMG’s leading content, and leveraging the insight of the global firm to accelerate delivery and drive consistent quality.


KPMG & Microsoft

KPMG network’s has a unique strategic relationship with Microsoft and offers a global alliance based on 4 pillars:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM;
  • Microsoft Cortana platform for data and analytics, Chat bots, PowerBI, AI, IoT, etc.;
  • Azure cloud transformations;
  • Cyber Security, data protection and data privacy.


These 4 pillars allow KPMG and Microsoft to jointly deliver new suites of innovative solutions and services based on real business challenges, value and return on investment.

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