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Data & Information Management

Data & Information Management

In today’s digital world, becoming data-driven is not an option anymore. It’s a prerequisite for every organization, across all sectors. In order to get the most out of your company’s data and information assets, a dedicated operating model has to be put in place, integrated into the organization and aligned with its business goals.

Data & Information must be given the management and governance structures it deserves. We help your organization structure itself accordingly, align your data ambitions with your strategic business goals, taking into account sector-driven compliance and regulatory constraints. In addition, we support you by increasing the level of trust you have in the quality of your data and information assets – whatever priorities you have set (like advanced analytics & AI, Compliance, ERP transformation, etc.). 


  • Poor data quality
  • Drowning in data
  • Growing data volume
  • Garbage-in, garbage-out
  • Data analyses


  • Creating a vision for D&A that is aligned with business goals.
  • Building trust in the data, how it is managed and stored, as well as confidence in reporting.
  • Help generate sustainable value from data governance related initiatives.


Chart Data Information Management

Supported Technology:

  • Trillium Software
  • Collibra
  • Informatica
  • ASG technologies

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Annelies De Corte
Manager Advisor

T +32 (0)27083854

Nicolas Dubois
Senior Manager Advisor
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