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Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

Based on the data fundaments, the analytical models built on top of a wealth of internal and external data can bring fundamental changes in your processes like customer insight, fraud detection, asset management, etc. by using new analytical solutions based on e.g. pattern detection in unstructured text, image recognition, NLP used in chatbots/virtual assistants, among others.

Our positioning in this domain is to complement your request for an End to End view to help you with using new analytical technique for specific business problems and this by using our international assets and capabilities and complement where required with specific local niche players.


  • Automation of processes
  • Getting meaningful insights through the use of advanced analytics
  • Gain in productivity, efficiency and effectiveness in decision making


  • Create the strategy and operating model for successful automation programs and sustainable human/robot coexistence.
  • Help rethink the way you work through radical innovation and leveraging new technologies. Deliver trusted automation projects, maximizing efficiency and limiting human error or bias.


Advanced analytics artificial intelligence

Supporting Technologies:

  • R
  • Python
  • Microsoft ML

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Daphne Galle
Associate Principal
D&A and Intelligent Automation (Lighthouse)
T +32 (0)497543163

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