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Data & Information Management

Data & Information Management

KPMG has set up an Information Management Framework which provides a comprehensive approach in tackling your challenges.

Our Information Management Framework provides a comprehensive approach.

Data & Information Management broadly refers to the set of people, processes, and technologies supporting the creation, collection, storage, exploitation and disposal of information assets.

Driven by the need for qualitative and reliable data and information to bring their reporting and analytics initiatives to a next level, or pushed by regulatory and compliance rules (like BCBS239, AnaCredit or Basel III for banks and Solvency II for insurance companies), we are noticing an increasing interest for companies to properly manage their data and information assets.

This does not come easy and brings new challenges for businesses when it comes to managing their data and information assets.

Therefore KPMG has set up an Information Management Framework which provides a comprehensive approach in tackling your challenges in this area. The framework is articulated around these key dimensions:


  • Strategy & Visioning: Define and validate the vision statement and translate it into actionable strategic principles for information management.
  • Governance & Operating Mode: Information Governance encompasses the people, processes, rules, policies and technology required to create consistent and proper handling of data and understanding of information across the organization.
  • Architecture: Architecture for management and distribution of data and to support data quality management. Definition and usage of golden sources. Identification, definition and modelling of data elements at entity and attribute level.
  • Document & Content Management: Leading practices for defining and implementing a collaborative approach for detecting, assessing, and cleansing data defects to ensure fitness for intended uses.


Next to these dimensions, a proper Vision & Strategy and Change Management are critical success factors in supporting the realization of solid Data & Information Management at the client.

Get in touch today to discover more about each of these areas and see how we can help you with your unique needs.

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