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Process Analytics

Process Analytics

Predictive analytics allows you to use data to make smarter business decisions.

Predictive analytics allows you to use data to make smarter business decisions.

Many organizations-large and small-have already started to adapt to a world increasingly driven by D&A.

All but 1 percent of organizations in our survey say that D&A is at least somewhat important to their business strategies. Almost seven in ten (69 percent) considered it either crucially or very important. And 56 percent of respondents around the world said they changed their business strategy to meet the challenges of D&A, most often to increase their capacity to analyze big data.

Yet more still remains to be done. Nearly all respondents (96 percent) admitted that untapped benefits remain on the table. More than half (56 percent) of those respondents told us that those benefits could be significant.

We would agree. Our experience in the field, combined with the data in this report, suggests that most organizations are currently focused on just a fraction of the benefits that D&A could unlock.

Few organizations fully understand the huge potential that resides within their data. Fewer still are making the right changes to their business strategy to take advantage of that potential.

So what is really stopping business leaders from connecting the dots between data, analytics and business growth? In many cases, respondents suggest that they are struggling to lay the solid foundation needed to become a data-driven organization.


How can data insights help?

  • We help optimize our clients decisions
  • We answer specific questions and help continuously improve your analytics processes
  • We help you explore the entire data universe - from your internal and customer data to competitors and marketplace data
  • We help you turn data into value


Data Insights enables us to identify:

  • Irregularities
  • Process improvements
  • Cost reductions
  • Standardization opportunities in business processes and ERP configuration
  • Processes are often not being executed as intended or not realizing the expected benefits. In many cases, companies do not know what, how and where to start to realize sustainable process, organization and system improvements.

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