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Ethics & Integrity Management

Ethics & Integrity Management

Organizations with high-integrity perform better. We can assist organizations in developing integrity in an efficient and effective way.

We can assist organizations in developing integrity in an efficient and effective way.


Organizations are placing an increasing focus on their integrity and executives are asked to explain how they plan to prevent breaches of integrity. Most organizations have well-defined corporate values, codes of conduct, and business principles. Maintaining and enhancing the integrity of an organization in a global, regulated, and digital environment has become an increasingly complex and difficult challenge for business leaders.


We are well-positioned to help clients achieve the highest levels of business integrity in an efficient and effective way. Our focus is always to assist our clients in their efforts to “do the right thing in the right way.” We can also support organizations in 'measuring' integrity, enabling the implementation of an effective ‘integrity policy’. For this purpose, we developed a number of practical, tried-and-tested tools, based on specialist knowledge of integrity risks and dilemmas, as well as specific industry knowledge.


How can we help?

  • Evaluating existing behavioral codes 
  • Helping develop and implement behavioral codes
  • Organizing training courses on integrity (including dilemma training and executive coaching)
  • Helping clients develop tools for creating and maintaining the right corporate culture 
  • Identifying the integrity climate within an organization 



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