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Regulatory Risk Services

Regulatory Risk Services

Turn Regulatory Compliance into a Competitive Advantage

Turn Regulatory Compliance into a Competitive Advantage

The financial crisis continues to cast a long shadow over the financial industry as regulatory authorities remain focused on enhancing the resiliency and resolvability of global systemically important banks and other financial and non-financial counterparties that could threaten financial stability.

Much of the regulatory mandate is now known – enhanced prudential standards; trading and investment restrictions (banking law); increased capital and liquidity requirements; stress testing rules; supplemental leverage ratio; and recovery & resolution planning. Stronger consumer protection measures are also firmly in place, especially around fair lending standards and the suitability of product and service practices. Similarly, investors are protected by more robust disclosure requirements and an environment supportive of heightened enforcement actions.

Yet further regulatory action has been proposed – additional risk-based capital surcharges for the largest systemic banks, and further action is likely in the coming year for banks, and non-financial counterparties as well.

Firms systemically deemed important are struggling to adapt and evolve in the new regulatory environment, as is the rest of the financial industry, banks and non-financial counterparties alike. Some may be at an advantage, others not.


How can we help?

Composed of a seasoned team of former regulators and industry practitioners, KPMG’s Risk Consulting can help clients enhance their regulatory risk management programs and gain a competitive advantage. We can help you:

  • Create a culture of sound risk management and compliance.
  • Establish programs that satisfy regulatory requirements and evolving expectations.
  • Implement policies, procedures, and solutions that can not only be effective and efficient over the longer-term, but also enhance strategic and corporate decision making.

Thanks to our ECB and EU office we have an extensive knowledge of current and emerging supervisory standards across multiple jurisdictions. We can:

  • Deliver objective advice on evolving regulatory requirements and expectations.
  • Assist with the development of corporate strategies to mitigate regulatory risks and address compliance burdens and challenges.
  • Perform impact assessments and global gap analysis of new regulatory proposals.
  • Carry out compliance program reviews, exam preparedness, and remediation/enforcement assistance.
  • Evaluate controls relative to risk appetite and culture.


Our Tools

In addition, KPMG has developed regulatory reporting software which is commonly used in the market and enables clients to efficiently perform their regulatory reporting exercises.

  • K-Helix: Common Reporting (COREP) and Financial Reporting (FINREP) – (Demo)
  • K-Trinity Pillar 3: Automated Regulatory Reporting Software – (Demo)

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