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Corporate Treasury

Corporate Treasury

Our team can help you find the most value in your treasury management.

Our team can help you find the most value in your treasury management.

Business environments are rapidly changing due to increasingly volatile markets, consolidating industries, and international expansion. In connection with these changes, companies need to develop a better and more efficient treasury department, focusing specifically on the value they are creating and can create from their treasury activities.

Our team can help you face these challenges and find the most value in your treasury management. Whether dealing with general treasury governance, cash visibility, managing commodity risk, reducing debt levels, or alleviating P&L volatility, KPMG is ready to help.



  • Growing demand for greater transparency in financial risk identification, measurement, and risk reporting
  • High cash flow and earnings volatility due to interest rate, FX, and/or commodity fluctuations
  • Access to relevant data/information for adequate risk monitoring and process efficiencies 
  • Valuation of complex financial instruments and issues related to hedge accounting
  • Potential gap between treasury risk strategy and business operations
  • Clear understanding and interpretation of latest accounting and financial reporting requirements
  • Lack of information with regard to sector peers



  • Reduced cash flows, earnings volatility, and improved corporate credit ratings
  • Aligned risk strategy and business operations with defined risk appetite and limit settings
  • Improved exposure management and risk measurement capabilities
  • Process efficiencies gained through centralized decision making, execution, and control framework
  • Financial targets based on corporate risk tolerances and well understood hedge objectives
  • Customized and streamlined risk reporting format, content and procedures, as well as continuous risk monitoring approaches
  • Timely compliance to the latest accounting standards and regulations


Our Approach

  • Identify and prioritize client defined financial risk objectives 
  • Identify and measure financial risks based on defined qualitative and quantitative metrics
  • Establish risk mitigation and strategies to treat critical risks
  • Implement efficient treasury and accounting procedures to reflect risk management in a comprehensive manner in accounting and P&L
  • Develop and implement risk reporting and continuous monitoring programs to oversee risk mitigation
  • Define a risk governance framework consistent with organizational objectives, regulatory guidance, and sector leading practices
  • Present an implementation plan outlining prioritized activities, individual accountabilities, and critical milestones.

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