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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

Funding legal pensions is becoming a major worry for governments.

Funding legal pensions is becoming a major worry for governments.

Funding legal pensions is becoming a major worry for governments. The ongoing retirement of “baby boomers” reduces the number of active workers that pay into the system and puts increased long-term pressure on public spending for pension programs.


To counter this trend and maintain productivity growth, the private and public sectors want to keep their best workers and attract new talent. In the continual search for skilled people, many companies incentivize their employees by offering fringe benefits, such as group insurance or a pension plan as part of their compensation policy. Given the technical complexity and evolving nature of pension, disability and hospitalization matters, an, experienced partner will help you to take the best decision.


Our specialized team can help you improve your employee benefits across three areas: 



KPMG provides various types of services for companies:

  • Valuations for Employee Benefits and Pensions of the company: accounting valuations under IFRS and USGAAP of the pension payments, the early retirement pensions, the jubilee benefits and under BEGAAP.
  • Actuarial assistance and independent advisory relative to Employee Benefits and pension portfolios: help in the implementation or modification of a pension plan (plan design, plan financing, selection of a provider, selection of a financial institution, presentation of the plan to the Board, the unions and workers, etc.) and the preparation of a Due Diligence report for pension liabilities and risks.
  • Tailor made solutions in Employee Benefits consulting: independent advisory based on actuarial studies taking into account the company request and the company situation (cost optimization, restructuring, merging, among others) for pension, disability and hospitalization covers.
  • Pension funds services


Public Entities

For the Public sector KPMG is specialized in the determination of the pension loadings, analysis of new financial and operational risks, analysis of the possibility of internal or external funding, etc in accordance with the law of 24/11/2011.

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