KPMG supports European documentary about the importance of sustainability in companies

KPMG supports European documentary

Under the title 'Businesses need to save the planet, if they want to save themselves', four Flemish communication specialists are working on a European documentary that focuses on the importance of sustainability and the role companies can play in it. A switch in mindset is urgent; KPMG is therefore proud to support 'The Decade of Action', the release of which is planned for the end of this year.

The decade of action

“If we cross a certain tipping point, the planet may shift from being our best friend - dampening and cooling our negative impacts - to becoming a self-reinforcing warming planet. We would then be in a very dangerous situation.” Johan Rockström, world-renowned climate scientist and Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, one of the interlocutors, paints a very clear picture of what global warming can mean.

This urgency is the reason why Bart Lombaerts, founder of Spyke, and Wim Vermeulen, Director Strategy and Sustainability at Bubka, took the initiative for 'The Decade of Action'. In this documentary, which they make with Mathias Brouns and Kristof Lasure, researchers such as Rockström and Ioannis Ioannou (London Business School) and politicians such as Frans Timmermans (Executive Vice-President European Commission) outline how urgent a more sustainable attitude is and what role companies can play. They are assisted in this by experts from the business world, including the former CEO of Unilever Paul Polman, Ryan Gellert (Patagonia), Henk Jan Beltman (Tony's Chocolonely) and Therese Noorlander (Coca-Cola) and experts from the investment world such as Gillian Tett (Financial Times) and Piet Colruyt (Colruyt Group). The initiators examine how sustainability can not only be a threat, but also an opportunity to make a company futureproof. In this way, it can give Europe a head start compared to other continents that are less focused on this for the time being.

Businesses as a force for good

KPMG considers it important to support this initiative. “A year ago when we raised the subject of sustainability with the CEO of a company, the odds were that we would be politely referred to the Director of Sustainability, if the company had such a position”, says Richard Threlfall, Global Head of KPMG IMPACT. “As the COVID-19 pandemic gathered pace earlier this year, I feared that the diversion of the world’s attention to the immediate threat would set back the sustainability agenda by precious, irreplaceable years. But to my joy, and frankly astonishment, the reverse has happened and attention on sustainability is growing, particularly amongst business leaders. It seems that the vulnerability of our society, that COVID-19 has revealed, has been taken as a sharp reminder that what we take for granted can easily be lost.”

According to KPMG, sustainability - which, incidentally, not only has a climate aspect but also a social and governance aspect - is one of the themes that companies must focus on in the coming years if they are to emerge stronger from this crisis.

The release of 'The Decade of Action' is scheduled for the end of the year. More info on

The trailer of the documentary can be found here

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