With over 35 years of experience, Planon is consistently rated as the leading, global provider of  Smart Building Management software solutions. With its Integrated Workspace Management Solution (IWMS), Planon supports corporate real estate managers, facility managers, and service providers in optimizing their business and workplace performance around the globe.

In 2020, KPMG and Planon formed a global strategic alliance, a successful collaboration that is now moving to the next level. Through this partnership, Planon can count on KPMG’s extensive knowledge in the real estate sector and sustainability services. The joint forces of KPMG and Planon in Belgium, as well as our ongoing international collaboration, provide clients with a strong team to support the roll-out and development of their IWMS.

KPMG Belgium and Planon are now substantiating the global strategic alliance between both companies in the field of real estate, portfolio, and property management, to active combine their expertise in these areas. Together, KPMG and Planon will help organizations to achieve a fluent enterprise-wide transformation, going from lease accounting to strategic portfolio management and sustainability management. In the era of opportunities created by digitalization and data, technology is key for clients in accessing and leveraging the full potential of evidence-based insights to improve their core real estate decision-making process.

The combination of Planon's innovative software solutions with KPMG's extensive knowledge of process optimization and digitalization creates limitless potential for synergy. Blending the latest technological advancements with the expertise of our highly skilled KPMG Belgium professionals offers our clients an enhanced approach that helps improve their real estate management through data-driven decision making, enabled by easier-to-use dashboarding and reporting. The alliance will enable building owners and users to plan and execute a smart portfolio management strategy, using innovative technologies managed from a single source of truth. The IWMS focuses on the challenges in space management, lease & invoice management, budget management, building management, customer management and sustainability & compliance.

I am pleased that we are actively taking our successful collaboration with Planon to the next level. Our joint proposition will allow our current and newly attracted clients to obtain the most value out of their Planon investments. I am sure that we can create added value by providing our expertise and experience in the various implementations of Planon solutions and related technologies.

Anthony Van De Ven
Head of Technology and Alliances
KPMG Belgium

Planon is looking forward to enhancing the cooperation with KPMG. KPMG has a solid long-term vision and a large aspiration in the field of digitalization, specifically with regards to real estate, as well as other related technologies such as smart buildings, IoT, and other proptech solutions. Planon users will largely benefit from KPMG’s expertise in the field of strategy, asset management, and dashboarding.

Kurt Van Paesschen
Country lead
Planon Belgium

The alliance between Planon and KPMG emphasizes our focus on supporting corporate organizations in optimizing and digitizing their real estate portfolios and further aligning real estate within the core business strategy. Moreover, the use of Planon will allow our clients to define, measure, and follow up on their various ESG and sustainability targets. Many of our corporate clients are eager to embrace the opportunities that technology brings and are motivated to evolve towards a more sustainable portfolio. We aim to support them in harnessing the full potential of digital and innovative technology to achieve this. As a well-established technology provider in this domain, Planon can bridge different technology solutions and bring extra value to our corporate clients.

Thomas De Ruyck
Planon Alliance lead
KPMG Belgium