Reporting revenue under IFRS 15 is now one of the ordinary activities of companies in the 100+ countries that use IFRS Standards.

This handbook pulls together, in one place, what we have learned about this new world of revenue recognition based on our experience across different industries and geographies. It provides a detailed analysis of the revenue standard, IFRS 15 Revenue from Contracts with Customers, including insights and illustrative examples to help entities to navigate the revenue recognition requirements.

In many cases, further analysis and interpretation may be needed for an entity to apply the requirements to its own facts, circumstances and individual transactions. Furthermore, some of our insights may change and new insights will be developed as issues from the implementation of the revenue standard arise and as practice evolves.

In this handbook, we cover:

  • The 5-step model: (1) Identify the contract; (2) Identify performance obligations; (3) Determine the transaction price; (4) Allocate the transaction price; (5) Recognize revenue
  • The scope of IFRS 15
  • Other recognition and measurement guidance, including: contract costs; contract modifications; licensing; and other application issues
  • Presentation and disclosure

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Read our full IFRS 15 handbook: Revenue, which provides detailed guidance, illustrative examples and extensive discussion of the areas that companies have found most complex.