Digitize, Digitize, Digitize

In an industry and a world in which digitalization was already a top-of-mind topic in board rooms, the circumstances created and trends accelerated by the recent COVID-19 pandemic may have made it more relevant than ever.

The all-hands-on-deck mentality fostered by responsive organizations can and has accelerated the development of digital solutions to contemporary issues such as keeping employees engaged and operational while working from home, or more swiftly evaluating credit and market risk developments in certain facilities.

Deepdive: 6 key themes to watch

In this paper you will find more in-depth views on digitalization in the banking industry on 6 key themes:

  1. Simplifying Journeys and Using Digital Partners to Drive Customer Centricity
  2. Strengthening Cyber Security to Manage Digital Traffic and Control IT Risks
  3. Rationalizing the Application Landscape to Drive Cost Reductions and Control IT Risks
  4. Using Cloud Technology to Increase Flexibility while Lowering Costs
  5. Strategic IT Outsourcing to Increase Operational Resillience and Flexibility
  6. Leveraging Blockchain to Facilitate ESG-Reporting and Practices