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Mr. Pierre Declercq from the transfer pricing audit department of the Belgian Tax Authorities, was our guest speaker and has provided insights as to what could trigger a transfer pricing audit, which teams within the Belgian Tax Authorities are conducting transfer pricing audits as well as a number of key attention points. 

Relive the webinar

Taxpayers are incurring an increased number of transfer pricing audits. The Webinar which has been provided by Yves de Groote (KPMG Transfer Pricing Partner) and Mr. P. Declercq (Senior Transfer Pricing Auditor – Tax authorities) provided answers to the following questions:

  • Key trends during transfer pricing audits
  • Which are the criteria used to select a company for a transfer pricing audit
  • Which departments within the tax administration are performing transfer pricing audits
  • How many transfer pricing audits are being launched annually, and when are such information requests being launched
  • 3 real life case studies
  • 1 recent Belgian Court Case