COVID-19 has accelerated digital transformation and modern-day sourcing. It is changing how the market is organized, including how clients collaborate with service providers.

Clients witness increased complexity in setting up the right IT sourcing delivery models for their strategic goals. Best-fit outcomes are driven by mature technological solutions and new models of cooperation between clients and service providers.

KPMG has created the 2021 Digital Sourcing Trend Radar from first-hand field experience, working with clients and service providers around the globe. Here you’ll find KPMG’s Shared Services and Outsourcing Advisory team’s latest views on the rapidly-evolving digital sourcing marketplace, as well as a holistic overview of the most important and impactful IT sourcing trends for the upcoming years.

Depending on your current position, some trends may already be knocking on your door, while others require your organization to keep vigilant watch. Our overview provides
you with valuable insights to help you take on digital sourcing challenges with confidence.

To discuss these trends in more detail, or explore how KPMG Belgium’s Shared Service and Outsourcing Advisory team can support your organization, we encourage you to contact any of our local sourcing experts listed in the publication.