COVID-19 podcast – Areas of focus for 2020 year ends

Accounting for the pandemic’s impacts on your business

Accounting for the pandemic’s impacts on your business

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Our latest IFRS Today podcast offers clear and concise points to consider on reflecting the impact of COVID-19 in year-end financial statements.

Hosted by Reinhard Dotzlaw, the podcast offers insights from KPMG specialists who each share their thoughts on the key questions to ask about going concern, impairment, rent concessions, government assistance, provisions and more.

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For each of the topics covered, we've also released the following shareable sound bites on LinkedIn.


The income statement Gabriela Kegalj
Expected credit losses   Chris Spall   
Government assistance  Julia LaPointe
Impairment of assets Avi Victor
Risk and uncertainty
Roannne Hasegawa
Rent concessions Brian O’Donovan
Irina Ipatova
Estimating in uncertain times Matt Cook
Going concern  Agnieszka Sekita

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