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Women with entrepreneurial spirit are boundless. It is essential that support for female entrepreneurs is further strengthened as they make significant contributions to economic growth. EX[e]CTLY FOR WOMEN is a network of, and for, Inspirational Entrepreneurial Women that aims to promote and support female entrepreneurship by organizing inspirational networking initiatives. Empowering and inspiring female professionals is key if we want to create a more inclusive business environment and society.


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About Exectly for Women


EFW purpose

EX[e]CTLY FOR WOMEN wants to inspire professional, entrepreneurial women by offering motivational learning and networking opportunities. Our goal is to help women develop new ideas and insights so that they can further build successful businesses that positively impact society.


EFW mission

EX[e]CTLY FOR WOMEN is a unique and exclusive network initiative. It is our mission to provide professional, entrepreneurial woman with an opportunity to share their professional challenges, inspiring ideas and interesting experiences in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.


EFW vision

EX[e]CTLY FOR WOMEN offers women with different roles and responsibilities the opportunity to learn from peers through inspiring business events. These events kick-off with an experienced guest speaker who shares her own views and experiences. Participants are then invited to join an open discussion.

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Upcoming events

Julie Lietaer

We are happy to share our lineup of speakers and the planned dates for our Exectly for Women events. Be sure to mark your calendars:

On Thursday, 13 October 2022 Julie Lietaer, CEO of European Spinning Group, will be our guest speaker in the MOMU (Fashion Museum) in Antwerp.

This exclusive event is by invitation only and is free of charge. Our aim is to bring together Belgium’s top professional, entrepreneurial women and highlight the different roles and responsibilities women take on in today’s society and economy.

Click here to register for this event.


If you are interested in joining the Exectly for Women network, please get in touch via info@exectlyforwomen.be.


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Inspirational talks

Exploring ways to (re)connect, share information and show solidarity among the network throughout the challenges we’re all facing, we’ve reached out to some of our former guest speakers to ask them about their experiences during COVID-19 and how it has impacted their business. By sharing their perspectives in a series of short videos, we hope to boost and inspire you.

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Contact us

If you are interested in joining the Exectly for Women network, please get in touch:


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