In today’s world, it is not a matter of when or if disaster is going to strike, but how well you are prepared to ensure your stakeholders that you are in control when it does. Not having a course of action if a devastating disaster or service interruption occurs may result in total loss of the business or significant reputational damage.

Therefore, consistent planning for what to do in case of disruptions and aligning business continuity with resilience management is key for your business’ survival during these trying times. KPMG publishes regular research, insights, and opinions on continuity and resilience, to support your business in staying ahead.

Read on to explore our latest thinking, initiatives and events. 

Continuity and resilience webinar

Our experts Benny Bogaerts and Daniël Pairon guide you through how to align your business continuity with resilience management to recover faster from a crisis, and even thrive in these challenging times.


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