Higher education institutions today are faced with different challenges. More recently, Covid-19 has raised new challenges regarding the modern workplace.

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Intelligent Business Cloud for Higher Education

KPMG has a deep working knowledge of the education sector and the challenges faced by higher education institutions. Challenges that these institutions face include poor student conversion rates, high costs of recruitment, fragmented views of the student journey, limited self-service functionalities and siloed data. These challenges make it difficult for tertiary institutions to be competitive in the education market. What’s more, COVID-19 has raised new challenges regarding the modern way of life.

KPMG has developed a connected and managed solution powered by the Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement Apps to address these challenges. Microsoft Dynamics for Higher Education delivers the necessary tools for institutions to attract students more efficiently, improve their experience throughout their studies by offering comprehensive self-service functionalities, and maintain ongoing relationships with alumni. Together with the no-code/low-code Power Platform, your existing Microsoft business applications and third party legacy systems, the Dynamics 365 for Higher Education solution is the building block that will drive your institution towards becoming a digital leader. Without compromising your mission and values, your academic staff will be provided with the necessary tools to create a truly connected campus.

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