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The COVID-19 pandemic is impacting our lives as consumers and as businesses. As we adapt to unprecedented circumstances, companies are reaching out and engaging with customers in new ways, through digital channels and innovative approaches.

The threat for customer engagement

Given the current COVID-19 pandemic, companies are forced to reconsider how they communicate with customers, finding alternatives to face-to-face contact in favor of digital engagement models.

Evolving customer needs, increased cost pressure, and uncertainty all demand immediate action. These drivers call for an innovative customer engagement strategy, which can enable companies to future proof their organizations while responding to today’s reality. Companies need to identify new ways to support their customer engagement teams, by considering innovative tools (such as advanced CRMs, chatbots, marketing automation) and new sales and marketing approaches.

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How we can support your business

KPMG is experienced in supporting clients in developing omni-channel customer engagement and sales business models. We’re skilled at leveraging that experience to support companies through these unprecedented times.

Based on a quick scan to determine the maturity of your digital customer engagement, we can support you in defining your remote customer strategy and translating it into tangible actions across all dimensions of your marketing and sales teams.

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