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Remote Teamwork Made effective Remote Teamwork Made effective

Technology-enabled solutions offer us more flexibility, more possibilities to adapt to change than ever before – helping global teams stay in touch; helping local teams offer greater flexibility and retain talented employees as their careers develop and lifestyles change; reducing meeting costs and environmental footprints, as remote working has shifted from a niche perk to a mainstream norm.

Many companies are still trying to figure out how to make this new reality work for them. To ensure that business continues as usual, every organization can benefit from using technology that offers non-linear digital collaboration, reflecting the more dynamic way we work and communicate in a physical office space. In our experience, we’ve found that Microsoft Teams is a perfect tool to maintain productivity and support natural collaborative dynamics while working remotely. 

Thanks to our global partnership with Microsoft and our own longstanding expertise in adoption of tech-enabled solutions and change management, KPMG can help you to set up and implement this remote working solution using best practices for Microsoft Teams, as well as guide you throughout the process to ensure smooth implementation and acceptance across your organization.

Remote working in times of COVID-19

Given the current COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation, a lot of our customers are looking for help in adopting remote work:

  • Many businesses are freezing travel;
  • Cancelling face to face meetings, 
  • Or even close offices


Microsoft Teams is well positioned to help organizations overcome these challenges as Skype collaborations no longer fully meets their needs anymore. Many companies have access to Teams through their licensing and have access to the full collaboration and communication technology required to remain productive, whether employees are in the office or in need of working remotely.

KPMG can help build and sustain a smart working environment. Given the current situation, most companies have an immediate urgency to prioritize the enablement of a smart working environment

In the wake of the impact on organizations, Microsoft has extended the following offer: Microsoft Teams for Free (Individuals and IT roll-out – in Office 365 A1 above):  This version provides:

  • Unlimited chat;
  • Built-in groups and one-on-one audio or video calling;
  • 10 GB of team file storage;
  • 2 GB of personal file storage per user

Enabling Teams

  • Teams is a pivotal part of the remote work experience, and KPMG is committed to making Teams available to everyone in your organization.
  • Help your team to develop new working habits: collaboration through the Teams (web)app instead of Skype or Outlook is particularly useful for direct group collaboration and feedback on projects and task management.
  • Ensure that Microsoft Teams is a part of your current license and that it is configured in the most optimal way for your organization.
  • KPMG’s approach to optimizing Teams adoption prioritizes 3 key areas:
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Our approach and timeline
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Choosing KPMG means:
  • All the work can be done remotely (from initial assessment through to delivery of virtual training sessions)
  • Quick turnaround time: configuration and communication as of the second week. 
  • Working with a trusted Microsoft alliance global partner with the necessary technical expertise for Team configuration (technical expertise).
  • Access to People & Change management expertise to provide support during behavioral change journeys. 
  • Experience concerning working remotely. We are happy to share details and our experience on how to enable effective remote working arrangements for your workforce.


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KPMG Advisory
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Director Technology
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