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KPMG Global Agile Survey 2019 KPMG Global Agile Survey 2019

Do you consider agile to be more than fast delivery of software? Are you interested in how other organisations are drastically adapting their operating models to fuel organizational agility? Take a look at our 2019 Global Agile Survey.

What comes to mind when you think of Agile?

Do you think of IT? Realising results fast? Developing software? Or do you think broader?

  • Working as a team?
  • Working with multiple self-organising teams?
  • Collaborating with customers?
  • Integrating business and IT?


There is no single answer. Originally defined in 2001 in the Agile Manifesto as a reaction to the slow, bureaucratic and stifled creativity experienced in traditional waterfall methods of software development, Agile formed the basis for a revolution in the way software is developed.

Nowadays we see this revolution increasing its footprint as principles to define entire organisations and is vastly outgrowing the development of software on a team level. Digitisation is driving the need for flexibility and the increased role of technology in delivering value. Scaling agility across teams and organising through product-oriented or value stream oriented organisations appears to be the new normal, replacing outdated and traditional demand-supply models.

This survey is driven by our curiosity on this matter and on how organisations apply Agile methods ranging from small teams to large corporates that work with thousands of employees together –in a smart way –delivering value to the company every day.


Paul Olieman

Executive Director – Optimize and Transform

Öztürk Taspinar

Partner – Digital Transformation

Anthony Van de Ven

Partner – Head of solutions

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