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This e-newsletter gives you an overview of international tax developments being reported globally by KPMG member firms in the Americas Region between 1 September and 31 September 2019.

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International Tax Newsletter: Americas


Tax legislation approved and regulatory update
Social Contributions
September 2019

Guidance from the Ministry of the Economy establishes a system of governance with respect to social contributions.


Tax legislation approved and regulatory update  Tax compliance
15 October 2019

Distributed investment plans—including investment limited partnerships—need to collect certain ownership details from their investors before 15 October 2019.

Tax legislation approved and regulatory update
Employment insurance
September 2019

The Canada Employment Insurance Commission announced that the employment insurance premium rates for employees will decrease in 2020.

Costa Rica

Tax legislation approved and regulatory update Corporate income tax / Non-cooperative jurisdictions
1 October 2019

The Ministry of Finance has published a list of non-cooperative jurisdictions for income tax purposes.

Dominican Republic

Proposed legislation
Miining legalisation
September 2019

Recently introduced bill in the Dominican Senate would provide for new mining legislative rules, by amending the current mining law as well as updating certain related rules.


Tax legislation approved and regulatory update
Economic package 2020
September 2019 The president presented to the Congress the economic legislative package for 2020. Tax measures proposed include:
  • provisions to address tax evasion 
  • joint and several liability for persons responsible for the general management of legal entities
  • a general anti-abuse rule 
  • disclosure of reportable schemes by tax advisors. 
Proposed legislation Corporate income tax / Transparent entities September 2019

A proposal would tax the income of foreigners that are “transparent entities” in Mexico. Thus, if this measure is enacted, Mexico would not recognize the fiscal transparency of foreign entities for Mexican income tax purposes.


Administrative and case law
Net worth tax
30 November 2019

A law enacting a net worth tax to be levied on certain taxpayers was enacted in July 2019 and then “reprinted” in August 2019 with certain changes or corrections. The initial return for the net worth tax is due on or before 30 November 2019.

United States


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